K9 R&R Pet Retreat    

Where pets come to rest & relax their paws

                                Pet Boarding & Grooming

Add-on Services

Pet Taxi

Are you pressed for time before or after your trip? Let us help by bringing your pet(s) to or from K9 R&R. They will be transported in a clean and safe vehicle. *With their choice of soft music! Pick up or take home services can be applied for dayboarding, overnight boarding, or grooming/bathing. Please contact us for details.


10 miles or less- $2/mile

Over 10 miles- $20 base + $1/mile

1 additional pet is free. More than 2 pets- additional $0.75/mile



We have a full service grooming salon for dogs and cats. Your pet will be able to relax in a quiet atmosphere while getting a trim or cut. Classical music and an experienced groomer ensures a stress free experience. Prices start at $50 and depend on size, cut, and temperament.



We offer a variety of shampoos to match the needs of your pet. Oatmeal & Aloe, Deodorizing, Furminator, and Hypoallergenic shampoos are some of the choices. We also offer aromatherapy shampoos that relax your pet while in the bath & continue to relax them even after. All baths come with brush outs. Rates depend on weight/size and length of hair. Please call for more information.

Nail Trims

We ensure your pet will have a stress-free nail trimming experience. Nail clipping is $15/dog. If adding to a bath, it is $10/dog.

We also offer nail grinding. This is done with a dremel and is great for those who need their nails rounded off. Nail grinding also allows us to get closer to the quick and therefore getting the nails as short as possible. Nail grinding is $18/dog. If adding to a bath, it is $12/dog. We also clip cats' nails which is $15/cat. If adding to a bath, it is $10/cat.



The staff at K9 R&R have veterinary assisting experience and are able to correctly administer medication to your pet. Oral/topical medication is $5/day no matter how many times per day. Sub-Q/Injections are $10/day. Know that your pet will be administered their medication on time and will be monitored. 



There is no charge for feeding your pet's own food. We do ask that it is brought either in individual ziploc bags or pre-measured in an airtight container. This ensures that your pet will have enough food for their stay. For dog breeds that are prone to bloat, we will serve your dog's food in one of our slow feed bowls. If that is not needed, we provide stainless steel bowls for food and water.

If you would rather your pet be fed our food, it is $5/day. We provide high quality, grain free dry food as well as high quality Grain Free canned food. For cats, we ask that you bring their food. As a back up, we will provide Grain Free dry cat food. Please let us know if your pet has any allergies.