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Before your pet's first stay, we offer one free day of daycare. This is not a requirement, though it does allow us and your pet to become more familiar. Your pet will know us as a safe place where you will return to take them home. When it comes time to stay overnight, it may help your pet feel more at ease. We suggest bringing some of the same items with you during the daycare that you will be bringing for the overnight stay.

Prior to daycare or overnight boarding, you will be asked to provide the name of your pet's veterinarian in order to assure all vaccinations are up to date.

Required vaccinations for dogs: Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Fecal & Rabies.

Required vaccinations for cats: FVRCP, Rabies & Fecal.

All of our K9 boarding includes a minimum of three (3) potty breaks per day. If needed, more breaks will be provided - at no extra charge! 

Please see our Activities page to learn about what you can choose from for your pet during their stay.

***Please note: Any pick up after 12:00pm on boarding stays that are more than 1 will result in an after 12pm pick up fee*** 
  • 1 dog: $18.00
  • Multiple dogs: $16.00/dog
  • 1 cat: $14.00
  • Multiple cats: $12.00/cat
For boarding stays lasting only 1 night, the following rate will apply.
1 dog: $12.00        Multiple dogs: $8/dog
1 cat: $10           Multiple cats: $8/cat
Boarding rates are per night. The "after 12pm fee" is to cover the day that they are here if they stay after 12pm. It is similar to a hotel, if you were to check out after 12pm.

K9 Standard Kennel Suite

$26/night for 1 dog

This is great for a single dog up to 100lb, 2 dogs up to 60lbs each, or 3 dogs up to 20lbs each. The suite features an indoor area where your pet will sleep & eat, and includes 2 bowl holders attached. Stainless steel bowls are provided.

K9 Large Kennel Suite

$30/night for 1 dog

The large kennel suite is similar to the standard. It is double the size of the standard and has the same features- indoor and outdoor spaces. Decks are provided, though we welcome you to bring your pet's own bedding so they will feel more at home. This suite is ideal for a dog over 90lbs, 2 dogs less than 50lbs, or 3 dogs less than 45lbs.

Special Care Suite

$28/night for 1 dog

Available for guests that are 30lbs or less. Individual spaces for smaller guests. Great for those who may be more anxious, have special needs, or those who may need more individual attention. Special Care suites come with daily TLC sessions.

K9 Playroom Suite

$35/night for 1 dog

This suite is one of our cage free options. Ideal for 1 dog up to 90lbs, 2 dogs up to 65lbs each, or 3 dogs up to 40lbs each. This suite features a quiet space with its own ventilation system. Since it's away from the sounds of our other guests, it is good for dogs who may need more individualized attention, special medical needs, or have anxiety. Similar to our special care package, but allows larger dogs. Also comes with daily TLC sessions. Guests have the option to be by a staff member's side while staff does daily activities. Great for those with separation anxiety.

K9 Deluxe Suite

$40/night for 1 dog

Similar to the Playroom Suite, but a much larger cage free space. This suite is right behind the reception area and is great for guests who have major anxiety or for those who simply prefer the company of people over other dogs. Comes with constant attention from staff and daily TLC sessions. Can accommodate up to 3 dogs less than 90lb. Ideal for special needs guests or those who may have medical needs that require more attention.

Cat Condo

$20/night for 1 cat 

Our cat condos allow for our feline guests to relax away from our K9 guests. The room has its own ventilation system. The location of the room allows for cats to rest without the sight or sound of any dogs. Room is equipped with sounds of nature along with quiet classical music. Research has suggested classical music calms felines. Included with the feline package, we provide daily playtimes or TLC sessions where your kitty can play with our many toys, laser light, or just lie down and get brushed. This time also allows for daily exercise which helps maintain their mental and physical health. Hypoallergenic, clumping cat litter and bedding is provided. Please bring your cat's own food with them when they stay. 


Bring your pet to stay with us for the day! While you are at work, you will know your pet is in a safe, caring environment. All extra activities are offered to our dayboarders. You may bring the same things with them as if they were boarding overnight, such as a blanket, snack, etc.

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