K9 R&R Pet Retreat    

Where pets come to rest & relax their paws

                                Pet Boarding & Grooming

For almost 3 years, we have leased the property in which we care for your pets and the rescue dogs. We have a unique program working with local rescue groups. We give death row dogs a safe haven & care until they are able to be fostered or adopted. We would like to extend our program and provide training, enabling these wonderful dogs to become companions, therapy dogs, as well as service dogs. Our services would be open to the public as well. 

The property in which we have had for the past few years is now up for sale. We have an SBA loan ready to be approved but we need your support in securing funds for the down payment. Please consider supporting us with a donation of any amount. These dogs are counting on us and our unique program would cease to exist without the property. We thank you for your kindness.