K9 R&R Pet Retreat    

Where pets come to rest & relax their paws

                                Pet Boarding & Grooming


What makes us different?

Staff to Pet ratio is always 1:5 or better. We are smaller than most boarding kennels in the area. This means more one-on-one attention for your dog or cat.

We know every detail about your pet. More detailed knowledge of your pet means more individualized care. We don't need collars and nametags to be able to identify your pet and their personality.

Pet CPR certified and Pet First Aid trained. From scrapes and bumps to major health concerns, we are prepared.

Classical music. Songs written specifically to calm dogs and cats are played throughout the building. This can benefit your pet who may have separation anxiety, fear of noises, thunderphobia, etc.

Essential Oil. When specific essential oil is diffused into the air, dogs' mentality can change. When their mentality changes, their behavior changes. We use the pure 100% essential oil that truly helps pets relax and keep a calm state of mind.

Blankets & Bedding. If you don't bring your own, we provide large plush blankets, decks, and cots. We want your pet to be comfortable. At the end of the day, we go around and readjust everyone's bedding and blankets so that they can have sweet dreams.

Singing. During baths, nail trims, or any other time your pet may not be their happiest, we sing to them. Most of the time, dogs become more calm. This is just a technique we use that seems to keep the stress away from your pet.

Experience. The owner and the entire staff come from many years of experience in the animal care field. This includes experience in veterinary care, kennel care, and grooming. Rest assured that we are professionals.

We love your pets as if they were our own. Even after we go to our own homes after work, we share stories and think about the pets we cared for that day. Even years later, we will remember how much we enjoyed taking care of that one dog or cat that sticks out in our memory.

We hand feed your pets. We take the time to sit with them in a quiet room and hand feed them if they don't seem to be comfortable eating around other pets. Pets can get homesick, they can become shy in a new place, or are just anxious. We try to help them feel enough at ease so they can enjoy their food.

Group Play. We do group play differently than other kennels. Your dog plays as long as they want and then will have time to rest. We don't keep dogs outside for hours on end where they will get bored and just lie around. We also do not put more than 5 dogs together at a time. This prevents unseen injuries and altercations from occurring. We also have two staff members in a yard during Group Play.

We do not discriminate. We welcome any dog or cat of any breed, size, color, temperament, or age. We welcome any pet with special needs. (Physically disabled, medication, spoon feeding, etc.)